Sunday, December 14, 2008

Interregnum 7: Blago the Putz

Rod Blagojevich is one of the biggest putzes in American politics. He's the Democratic Illinois Governor, if you don't know, and he is a thorn in Barack Obama's side. For real. The controversy that's currently in the news is that Blago has been "allegedly" trying to sell Obama's vacant Senate seat – a fucking travesty. How immoral is this guy that he thinks he can sell an elected office that actually belongs to the Illinois voters to the highest bidder? A new low, Rod.
There is so much speculation in the media about whether or not the Obama camp has had any involvement with the governor's Senate-seat-for-sale scheme. Just what Obama's transition needs, a pebble in its shoe. Blago's been governor of Illinois since 2003 and I'm surprised that he's been there for that long. Rasmussen Reports, the opinion polling center, recently named him as “America's Least Popular Governor.” Alas, his approval rating was only about 13% right before this current controversy hit. Yes, that's lower than Bush's approval rating.
He isn't the first Illionois politician to be extremely corrupt – there have been a handful of their governors who have been to jail before. The previous Illinois Gov. George Ryan is currently in jail. U.S. attorney Patrick Fitzgerald (you may know him for prosecuting Scooter Libby) is investigating Blago, so he's basically fucked. Before Blago was Illionois Gov. he held Illinois's 5th district seat for six years, the seat that Obama's Chief of Staff-desginate Rahm Emanuel has held. But I hope that Blago just gets kicked out of office so he doesn't appoint Obama's replacement in the Senate.

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