Sunday, December 14, 2008

Interregnum 6: What to Do With Joe?

Indeed, what shall happen to Joe Biden, the Vice-President-elect and resigning Senior Delaware Senator? Technically, he did run for his Senate seat while he ran on the Obama-Biden ticket, but the Senate seat was a shoe-in win for him – it's not important to know who his Senate election opponent was. Some person, I guess. Since Biden is resigning his seat, he has anointed his Senate Chief of Staff, Edward Kaufman to replace him in the Senate. Funnily enough, Kaufman stated his intention to not run again, not in the 2010 Special Election to fill Biden's seat. So Kaufman will be an intermediary until 2010 – so maybe Biden's son Beau can run for the seat after his tour in Iraq. How convenient.
And while Joe Biden is Veep, what kind of mark will he leave in the White House? Will he be a Dick Cheney? God, let's hope not. No one is really sure what the Vice President does – I guess he'll just wait for Obama to get the flu for a week. Fun times. And it seemed at first like Biden would be the go-to person in foreign policy, but Hillary Clinton is Secretary of State. I don't think Joe wants to step on her toes. Joe Biden's probably the whitest guy in Obama's administration, which is full of enough white dudes. Nonetheless, I'm glad that Obama has Joe Biden as his right hand man. There are few people in Washington who can match his political experience – Biden is one of the lions in the Senate. I think that Biden will love being Veep, he's part of the big decision-making but all the pressure isn't thrust upon him.

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