Saturday, December 13, 2008

Interregnum 3: HRC Around the World

Hillary Rodham Clinton, a.k.a. HRC, wasn't picked as Obama's Vice-President like so many of her supporters wanted. That role went to Senator Joe Biden of Delaware, a gaffe machine if there ever was one; but HRC's supporters love the fact that she is Obama's choice as Secretary of State. Bill loved it, of course, even going as far as to release the names of the persons who funded his Presidential library and the Clinton Global Initiative, which does great work in Africa by the way.
I was unexcited about the pick, at first, I thought that Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts would have been a great Secretary of State. Nevertheless, the pick started to make sense considering her travels around the world, which Obama, during the heat of the Democratic Primaries, called First Lady “tea times.” But the hatchets are buried and HRC does bring a lot of credibility to the job, considering that she visited around 80 foreign nations as First Lady (more than any other - suck it, Betty Ford). It seems like Obama is following Abe Lincoln's “Team of Rivals” approach, a term which Doris Kearns Goodwin made popular with her book of the same name.
It seems like everyone in the Senate is leaving to work for the Obama White House. Are they all getting tired of using the same gym as the other people in Congress? Does Harry Reid really use up that many towels? And then there's a guessing game throughout New York about who will fill her soon-to-be vacant Senate seat. I don't care, just get a reliable Democratic vote down to Washington. Another interesting point: if HRC is confirmed by the Senate as the Secretary of State, she will be the fourth consecutive person to fill that position that's not a white male: Madeline Albright, Colin Powell, Condi Rice, and HRC. Sorry, white guys.

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